The Rich Want Us to Shame Each Other for Being ‘Lazy’ Instead of Blaming Them

If someone doesn’t have a job, it’s because they’re too lazy, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and other rich people want us to think.

Photo by NVIDIA Corporation

“People do accurately recognize that that [in capitalism] we live and die by our ability to work. And so there’s this self-defeating but also really rational quality to our compulsive overwork that a lot of us have. It becomes really self-defeating to say, ‘I’m in this on my own. I need to work really hard and make a lot of money so that I can take care of myself.’ Because when you think that way, you also take on a much gloomier view of other people. Anyone else and their needs is kind of a threat to my own kind of rugged individualism and independence.”



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Jeremy Mohler

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