My ex-girlfriend didn’t mean it as an ultimatum — but it might as well have been.

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She didn’t mean it as an ultimatum — but it might as well have been. Years ago, a romantic partner all but forced me to go to therapy.

“Maybe you should talk to someone about that,” she said, after I’d complained about a recent visit with my parents. Looking back…

I’ll always remember my dad warning me about yellow jackets: “They get more aggressive in the fall. They’re about to die.”

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I’ll always remember my dad warning me about yellow jackets. I was 7, maybe 8, and he’d just swatted one away as we threw a football in the front yard. “They get more aggressive in the fall,” he said. “They’re about to die.”

It turns out, he was half right…

It’s simply an idea that describes certain behaviors many men have been taught make a “real man.”

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When I first heard about the idea of “toxic masculinity,” I nodded my head “yes.” It was useful for describing certain harmful behaviors I’d seen in myself and other men, and in movies and other media since I could remember.

But not all men agree with me. Many react similarly…

Ask something like, “What do you need?” Or, “Do you want advice or for me to just listen?”


This one’s for my guys. But pretty much everybody needs to hear this.

I’m a little embarrassed that I’m writing about Frozen II (2019) again. But whatever, it’s really good. There’s psychology, there’s politics, plus cute things to laugh at. What more could you want in a Disney movie?


As cases rise and anti-vaxxers dig their heels in the ground, I’m feeling things that sound a lot like symptoms of “burnout.”

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Is anybody else hitting yet another pandemic wall? Another f*cking wall?!

Only half of Americans are fully vaccinated. Masks mandates are coming back. Summer is almost over, with cold weather and isolation just around the bend. Small businesses and restaurants are dreading the future. “I’m absolutely petrified about what’s coming…

“The success or failure of a couple’s repair attempts is one of the primary factors in whether [a relationship] is likely to flourish or flounder.”

By Franck Mahon

I’m sitting here thinking: Why am I writing about this in public? I have to, though. Men don’t talk about this stuff enough.

Long story short, I couldn’t get it up.

A few years ago, I dated a woman I found really attractive. On our first date, we made out…

Roshi Joan Halifax, who has spent countless hours with the dying, tells us to have a “strong back, soft front.”

Zen Buddhist priest Roshi Joan Halifax in 2011. (Source: Joan Halifax)

Four words keep coming up when I meditate recently — and when I find myself off the meditation cushion feeling sad, mad, or lonely.

I heard them years ago in an interview with the Buddhist priest Roshi Joan Halifax:

“Strong back, soft front.”

They remind me to adjust my posture…

Jeremy Mohler

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